Acclaim’s commitment to the aerospace industry was established over a decade ago in response to the unique industry requirements and practices needed to support this market. Acclaim determined that in order to fulfill this role as a leading aerospace machine shop, the implementation of dedicated operations and procedures needed to be implemented above and beyond our AS9100 certified Quality Management System (QMS).

Partnering with Acclaim offers our Space System customers unmatched advantages. We provide complete services from concept to manufacturing, including plating and finishing, testing and precision cleaning. We offer aerospace CNC machining expertise and flexibility to meet your most unique needs and are one of the few companies with the advanced capabilities to meet complex demands of space flight applications including accurate material and hardware traceability records, fracture critical quality requirements and human astronaut safety requirements.

Our next-generation CNC machine shop employs proven processes to deliver quality, performance and reliability on each and every project. Trained and dedicated technicians closely monitor every stage of the machining processes, including specializing in UHP (Ultra High Purity), close-tolerance, precision machined components and assemblies routinely accomplishing both short and long run jobs to meet critical space program just-in-time deadline needs.


  • Actuation components
  • Hydraulic valves and seals
  • Air and fluid valve manifolds
  • Turbine components, rotors, shafts and impellers
  • Crew seating components and frames
  • Cargo handling components
  • Instrumentation and electronic housings
  • Satellite components