For many customers, inventory storage and even factory floor stocking points can quickly increase operating expenses and consume available facility and personnel resources. To help customers save money and optimize resources for lean operations, Acclaim offers complete inventory management services.


Acclaim’s inventory solutions enable customers to place orders and store them at our secured warehousing facility. When combined with our just-in-time and Kanban Pull delivery service options, customers can receive their orders in full, or parceled out into segments, whenever they are required.

We offer both short and long-term storage options to meet varying customer needs. We can manufacture and ship an order in as quickly as 1 week, but also have the extended facility space required to accommodate customers with more extensive inventory management needs.

Long-term storage is especially valuable for customers with cash-flow concerns, as we allow them to lock-in pricing over long periods of time, easing the payment process without sacrificing the quality of service.