Acclaim’s facilities have advanced quality systems in place that are approved and certified to the highest aerospace standards, and we’ve invested heavily in new and emerging technologies to enhance performance, improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

We use the latest tooling technology, cutting techniques and machining processes, including high-speed machining pallet systems, robotics, Lean Manufacturing flow techniques (work cells, 5S, value stream, Kanban and more) and in-line quality inspection provide our customers with the lowest possible costs. State-of-the-art machining, CNC controls, programming tools and highly trained technicians ensure that the machined products we deliver meet the required specifications and exceed customer expectations.

Through innovation and regularly updating our technologies, we are able to precision machine your products faster, better and with with higher quality. By focusing and honing in on Lean Manufacturing and cross training our team, our overhead costs are lower, which means we can manufacture higher quality products, with a lower actual cost per piece.

Our depth of engineering, manufacturing, and assembly/system integration capabilities coupled with our superior quality program make Acclaim a high value supplier. We encourage our customers to engage us early on complex and challenging projects to create manufacturing solutions and feasibility advice that reduces risk to their projects. Working together to match our expertise and capabilities to our customer’s needs is our approach to manufacturing equipment for our critical customer needs.