Acclaim’s success over the past decade has been attributable to our ongoing focus and effort to improve and reinvest in our operational performance. The organization specifically focuses on Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing activities in the disciplines of machine technology, machine productivity, process flow/linkage, and adaptability in order to meet a broad range of customer demands.

Industry expectations have changed significantly over recent years, forcing businesses to operate differently than they had previously. Acclaim recognizes the solution to achieving success in today’s environment is to create a responsive, adaptable organization that meets the industry’s constantly fluctuating demands and increased complexities.

Acclaim believes the future aerospace, defense and space industry supply chains will require a sustained and extraordinary commitment compared to that of past decades. As a result, this will force many suppliers to either exit these market segments or renew/increase their investment to remain competitive. Acclaim continues to move forward in collaboration and partnership with its customers to identify areas of mutual opportunity to make such future commitments.