The manufacturing of medical parts requires working with tighter tolerances and unique materials. Acclaim’s top-of-the-line equipment, knowledgeable staff, and heightened controls make us stand out in the field of precision medical machining.

Acclaim often manufactures components for medical equipment and device applications with our specialized CNC Swiss Lathes and Micro Milling machines. Our facility is perfectly controlled to guarantee high precision results, and we can ensure your medical component will be made with the highest accuracy and tightest controls. We also use the highest quality materials with accurate traceability records to ensure your medical part is sterile and guaranteed not to break when used in medical procedures.

Some of the versatile, lightweight materials we use include:

We fabricate a wide variety of medical equipment components with CNC Swiss machining, including graspers, litigation devices, handheld surgical equipment, and catheters. Whether you need parts from 5-axis milling, wire EDM, micromachining or precision manufacturing, the specialized machining capabilities of our CNC Swiss machining lathes offer the very best in medical manufacturing services.


  • Bone Screw and implants
  • Handheld surgical tools
  • Cardiac device components
  • MRI and CT Scaner components