Globally, one of the industries that relies most heavily on precision manufacturing of equipment is the energy sector. From oil and gas equipment manufacturing to machining nuclear components, we know from experience what’s on the line when one of our energy clients contacts us with an order.

Of course, time is of the essence, since even a minor shutdown can mean huge costs for an energy company. Additionally, with worker safety and field uses taken into consideration, every component we deliver must meet the strictest durability and quality guidelines.

In addition to our experience in the oil, gas, electrical and nuclear sectors, we’re also highly skilled at producing renewable energy components for solar and wind energy. That’s why, whether you’re looking for a precision-made valve on a piece of oil extraction equipment or a crucial component for use in a wind turbine, Acclaim. has the in-house expertise and world-class facility to meet your needs, budget and deadline.


  • Combustion components
  • Fuel system components
  • Casting finish machining
  • Nozzle parts
  • Valve and manifold bodies
  • Brackets and hinges
  • Instrumentation housings
  • Tooling & fixtures