Acclaim is proud to have earned its stripes serving both military customers and defense contractors for over 10 years. Our professionals have deep experience complying with documentation and certification requirements, such as DFARS material source standards and compliant with ITAR controls. All of our employees, vendors, and facility visitors are required to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure valuable information stays secure.

Acclaim is also known for its ability to machine materials other manufacturers won’t, including titanium, plastics and exotic alloys that meet the special requirements of advanced weapons systems and military aircraft applications.

Military Standard (MIL-STD) is the term used to describe the engineering, technical and commercial processes that have to be carried out in a uniform manner in order to meet the various U.S. Defense standards. Included in these standards are design criteria, standard practices and manufacturing process standards. At Acclaim, our team of expert engineers and machinists are highly experienced in producing work that fully complies with the most exacting standards, including MIL-STD.

Whatever the specifications are of a government or military order, we appreciate the high standards our service and products must meet. Supporting our armed forces by supplying them with the very best equipment and machining services available is a duty we never take lightly.

When you need precision parts manufactured for military applications, Acclaim uses state of the art precision machining technology to build components with the tightest tolerances. Our experienced professionals can manufacture the best military-grade parts with the highest quality materials – from Swiss Lathe to 5 axis milling to micromachining, our technologically-advanced equipment create the most intricate military components at the most affordable cost.


  • Artillery components
  • Warheads
  • Missile components
  • Fighter Aircraft wing fittings
  • Valve air flow regulator
  • Machined reflectors for wing lights
  • Aileron housing
  • Door Hatch stop
  • Control valve housing for brake system
  • Pneumatic valve armature assembly