Normal CNC shops use machines to complete their deburring and polishing processes, resulting in machined parts with rough edges and tiny holes not effectively cleaned. Acclaim, on the other hand, is anything but “normal” when it comes to their CNC machining services. We know deburring is as important a process as the machining itself. For the highest precision, attention to detail and accuracy must be applied from the start of a job to its completion.

Acclaim has applied this attention to detail to each and every component machined in our facility. Our deburring department has 30 X Power Magnification Microscopes at every deburring station, along with trained employees skilled in micro deburring.

Deburring Processes Completed with Unparalleled Detail

Though deburring may appear to be a fairly simple task, Acclaim considers it to be an important one. In our deburring department alone, we have employees who have been with us for over 10+ years. Each of them undertaking the microscopic deburring of complex projects with unparalleled attention to detail. Based on their significant experience, they develop special finishing compounds for mirror finish polishing and solutions for Electro Polishing.

Choose Acclaim Industries for all your CNC machining needs-from discussing your design with our manufacturing engineers, through Swiss Lathe to 5 axis machining processes, to hand deburing and detailed inspection, Acclaim will be completely dedicated to providing services with the highest precision results.